Saturday, July 10, 2010

Homestead view

Couldn't resist a photo of this magnificent view - photo was taken yesterday from the Homestead.
The bulbs are all flowering - Spring is in the air.
The windmill is in use. It pumps water to a tank on the hill and gravity feeds to the three houses. Of course rainwater provides the most delicious water for drinking and that wonderful cup of tea. Nothing like it.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New island residents

We have our first Cape Barren Geese babies this week!

First Gosling hatched - four to go!

We regularly check the twenty two nests in the settlement area - recording the data for Birds Australia. It is very interesting when we check as the parents are very aggressive and protect the eggs by chasing us away!

Three are hatched fourth is nearly out.

Once the eggs are hatched the parents allow us close to the Goslings. Maybe they are keen to show off their new family. Cape Barren Geese are precocial which means they are self sufficient from the moment they hatch, so don't stay in the nest long as they have to feed themselves. To see them in the nest gives us a chance to see them close up. They are amazing to watch, they take a while to find their feet and often tumble over!

We feel very privileged to watch as new life begins.