Saturday, August 28, 2010

Telstra's visit

Our fax line is not working so telstra came to fix it. Does your technican come by helicopter and also pick up your grocery order? It is quite an occasion for us! Beverley even got an opportunity to do some baking which was greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately they couldn't find the fault so will have to come back and maybe do some digging! John was helping!

Adrian the pilot and John unloaded the groceries - John is pretty excited as we had run out of potato chips! He now has them in his hands! We did get healthy food too.

Just another day of island life.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Nice to be home

We are home from our holiday to visit family and friends - and this is the welcome we get! These babies only left the nest this morning and the parents are doing a great job protecting them. John got too close obviously.Tracy and her two sons Eli and Link came over while we were away and took excellent care of the island. It was a wonderful experience for them. As with other guests the island got into Tracy's veins and she was very sad to leave this paradise.
We are very happy to be home!