Saturday, November 6, 2010

A perfect island escape?

There's something about Three Hummock Island that captures the hearts of all who are lucky enough to visit.

Giuseppe Garibaldi, the famous uniter of Italy, happened upon our shores in 1852.  He was one of the first to try and capture in words what he felt for our island:

"O desert island of the Hunter Group - how many times have you pleasantly excited my imagination.  When tired of this civilized society, so full of tyrants and gendarmes, I have often transported myself in my imagination into your gracious bosom."

Here is what some more recent visitors have had to say in our guest book:
  • Too wonderful to put into words.
  • A very special place
  • A magical place
  • It is refreshing to know that untouched wilderness still exists.  In one week we saw only a few of the wonders this island can reveal.
  • Our stay has been a very special experience.  You can feel the spirit of the island all around you.
  • Bliss!
  • Absolute serenity.  A little piece of heaven untouched.  Pristine beaches, turquoise waters.  Simply utopia!

  • Definitely one of the highlights of Tassie.  Will be back.
  • A lovely, restful place.
  • This island may well be the best place in Australia.
  • It's been a dream come true and more.  This island is idyllic and its lonely beaches and bush tracks, its birds and dolphins.  Quite magic.
  • Wonderful, isolated environment.
  • What an experience - rugged beauty.

What will you say about Three Hummock Island when you visit?