Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Hummock leek-orchid

Three Hummock Island has it's own orchid! It was found here in 1999 and to date our island is the only place in the world where this species is found! It only grows on the main airstrip.

On December 14 a count was carried out. Over 300 plants were counted by 7 people. Quite a job as the airstrip is 1 km long and also has cross sections.

The scientific name is Prasophyllum atratum.

The group consisted of Wendy Potts from the Threatened species unit in Hobart, Peter Hefferon from Parks Tasmania, 2 volunteers - Janine and Alison - even the pilot Chas joined in - of course John and Beverley too!

One of the beautiful orchids on the air strip

The team arriving to do the count.

Wendy Potts from the Threatened species unit in Hobart.

The count is on!

Enjoying a cuppa after a rewarding afternoon

Left to right - Janine, John, Alison, Wendy, Peter and Chas pilot from Seair Wynyard Tasmania. Beverley took the photo.

It is just amazing that something so unique is growing on our airstrip!