Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trip to Albatross Island

We were privileged to visit the magical Albatross Island west of Three Hummock Island. The island has no inhabitants - just the wildlife, particularly Shy Albatross Diomedea cauta. Friends of ours, Casey, Mel, Sam and Amy took us over in their boat. It was a perfect day weather wise to make the journey and we spent a couple of hours exploring the island and enjoyed viewing the fascinating Shy Albatross that breed there.

The rocky island from the sea on approach.

"Guyra" - Casey and Mel's boat safely anchored awaiting our return
- note the calm sea.

John takes his first step off the tender onto the island

John helping Amy down the ladder and into the valley.

John entering the big cave.

Looking back towards Three Hummock Island - you can see the three hummocks clearly from Albatross island - this aspect shows why both islands were so named.

The magnificent young Shy Albatross on their nests.

Goodbye Albatross Island - a wonderful adventure

The Shy Albatross is unique to Tasmania and Albatross Island is one of the three islands on which they breed. Albatrosses are one of the most threatened seabird groups in the world. This island is a Nature Reserve and a very special place.