Friday, January 25, 2013

Our Summer Garden

Yesterday I took some pics of our garden - hope you enjoy them.

 Our garden if fully enclosed to stop birds and possums from entering.

It is completely organic which has been a battle as we live on sand. Our compost consists mainly of Kangaroo poo - which we collect in the catcher of the lawn mower and chook poo - which we collect from our chook house.

We also make a "tea" which is in an old water trough. Anything organic is added which we can't compost eg crayfish shells, abalone shells, dead animals, weeds, ashes, seaweed and water. Quite a potion!

This is the wonderful gate to the garden

Our Strawberry patch

An old water tank we cut in half - the left one has Zucchinis and the other has Asparagus

Corn in the back and Pepinos in front. This is the first year we have grown Pepinos apparently they taste like sweet rock melon. We have fruit on them which are green, when ripe they are streaked with purple. The flesh is yellow and can be eaten fresh, peeled and chopped into a fruit salad or with cheese. Can't wait!

Our first tomatoes - not ripe yet but all looking very healthy

Lemon tree - no one has ever had luck growing citrus here - after much TLC ours is looking the best yet - just hope eventually we get lemons to go with our fresh fish

Peas - they are growing on branches from Tea Trees - we have already had a lot of peas this year - some are in the freezer

We also have a lot of herbs and other vegies - when you come to visit we are sure to have something fresh for you to try.