Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shy Albatross

On May 31 we went to main airstrip and saw a Shy Albatross on the airstrip. They breed on Albatross Island not far from here so we do see them often but not that far from the sea. We had visitors here for the day so they were happy to help. The bird didn't have a band on its leg.


We debated what to do as we had very light winds which would make it very difficult for it to get airborne. The decision was made to bring it back to Home Beach. So we bundled it up in a towel and jacket and it hunkered down and was an easy passenger for the trip back. Maree and Ellie loved nursing it on the way home.

        We released it and it just sat on the beach - we thought it may be in a bit of shock

 So then it was decided we should put it in the water - which turned out to be a great decision. Ellie started the process but Maree took over as she had waterproof boots on.

The bird started feeding immediately and we didn't see it again the next day - we are confident we did the right thing relocating it and it has found its way again. So pleased we visited the airstrip that day.