Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three Hummock Island Cake

Inspired by a stencil design on a biscuit recently I wondered if I could come up with a stencil to represent the island. John was happy to design and cut it from acetate. A chocolate cake (so the hills could show up) was made using my new springform cake tin (why didn't I buy one years ago? ). I used a recipe from Sally Wise's book "Out of the Bottle," a fellow Tasmanian. It was served with a chocolate ganache. We were having guests for afternoon tea so thought here we go and this is the result. I was very happy and so were our guests!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Change of Season

The Cape Barren Geese are starting to breed - they have found the spots for their nests and some have started to lay. They are extremely territorial and the males spend a lot of the day chasing away other Geese (and us) who invade "their" space. It is wonderful watching them as they wait for their eggs to hatch which is about 35 days.

Winter is now with us as the days are getting cooler. We still have some beautiful days but our wood shed is ready for cosy fires! Being an island we don't get any frosts and our lowest recorded temperature last winter was 6 degrees.